Name: Wendy Wolfe, Ph.D.
Rank: Associate Professor of Psychology
Office Phone: 912-344-2955
Office Location: 225 Science Center
E-mail address:






B.A. in Psychology, University of North Carolina at Wilmington

M.S. in Clinical Psychology, Syracuse University

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Syracuse University



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PSYC1101 (Intro Psyc): Syllabus (s001) , Syllabus (s002)

Powerpoint Slides (ppt); Powerpoint Slides (doc)

Exam 1: Study Guide*; Practice Test; Practice Test Answers

Exam 2: Study Guide*; Practice Test; Practice Test Answers

Exam 3: Study Guide*; Practice Test; Practice Test Answers

Exam 4: Study Guide*; Practice Test: Practice Test Answers

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PSYC3160 (Clinical Psyc): Syllabus

Powerpoint handouts (in word document format):

Intro to Clinical Psych and its History

Assessment Basics


Interviewing & Observations


Basics of Clinical Interventions

Psychodynamic Models

Humanistic Models

Behavior Therapy Models

Cognitive Models

CBT & Recent Developments

Integrative & Eclectic Models

Transtheoretical Models

Family Systems Models

Psychotherapy Interventions: Alternative Modalities & Psychotherapy Summary

Specialties: Clinical Health Psychology

Professional & Training Issues

PSYC3280 (Abnormal Psyc): Syllabus, Powerpoint Slides

Exam 1: Study Guide

Exam 2: Study Guide

Exam 3: Study Guide

Exam 4: Study Guide

PSYC3800 (Health Psyc): Syllabus; Powerpoint Slides

PSYC 4129 (Service Learning in Psychology): Service Learning Agreement/Syllabus

PSYC 4130 (Senior Internship): Internship Agreement/Syllabus, Intern Evaluation Form

PSYC5100U/G (Women and Mental Health): Syllabus

Areas of Interest:

Eating disorders, substance use and substance use disorders, dialectical behavior therapy, processes of affect regulation/dysregulation, impulsive behaviors, cognitive-behavioral and integrative therapies, empirically validated treatments. 


What's going on in Dr. Wolfe's research lab?

Recent Projects:







Recent Publications:

Using benefit triggered gratitude to increase interest and motivation for a gratitude intervention

The effect of general and personal sexual objectification on self-presentation in women

Rumination and reflective processing in clinical disorders

Alcohol use during on-line activities

The effect of technology on clinically relevant behaviors and mental processes.

Wolfe, W. L. (2012). Online drinking: An exploratory study of alcohol use and intoxication during internet activity. North American Journal of Psychology, 14, 61-76.

Khasanshina, E., Wolfe, W., Emerson, E., & Stachura, M. (2008). Student client satisfaction with tele-psychiatry support at a rural university counseling center. Telemedicine and E-Health, 14, 35-41.

Wolfe, W.L. & Maisto, S.A. (2007). The effect of alcohol on body size discrepancy and self-awareness in young women. Addictive Behaviors, 32, 2340-2344.

Tomcho, T.J., Wolfe, W.L., & Foels, R. (2006). Teaching about psychological disorders: Using a group interviewing and diagnostic approach. Teaching of Psychology, 33, 184-188.


Professionally: collaborating with colleagues and students, students who are excited about learning and who share responsibility for their own learning outcomes.

Personally: being outside and (preferably) on or near the water, reading for fun, spending time with my family. 



Professionally: dishonesty, manipulation.

Personally: unsolicited solicitations, traffic jams.